Glass House Live Stream Jeffrey calls Andrea a hypocrite and an IDIOT!

by Dawg on June 26, 2012


When the live stream starts the cast are just lounging around in the living room. They mention that they were told to dress in clothes that they could move around in. Mike and Kevin fight over saying good morning ORI. She announces that later today there will be a popularity vote on the site for the viewers to vote on the cast. ORI tells the cast that now it’s time to answer twitter questions:

  • What’s the most romantic thing done for you?
  • Equal rights, same sex marriage

The viewers voted for the cast to talk about most romantic thing done for them.

  • Joy says she was brought breakfast in bed.
  • Robyn says that her most romantic thing done for her was her wedding proposal, even though they are now getting a divorce.
  • Ashley says that her boyfriend made her breakfast in bed, bought her earrings, took her out to lunch, took her out to dinner, bought her a watch, movies, and a card.
  • Jeffrey says that he had never gotten flowers before and was given some from his boyfriend at the time.
  • Erica says that during an employee outing her ex-boyfriend
  • Mike says a guy did something romantic for him, he bought him some shoes and told him to dress up to go see a play. After the play the guy wanted to snuggle in the car, so he did because he had bought him shoes.
  • Stephanie says that she was given a romantic weekend in Prague.
  • Andrea says it’s all the little things like her husband coming home late to snuggle with her.

ORI says that the viewers are bored with their answers. She tells them that they then need to talk about the equal rights, same sex marriage. Joy says that she and Erica were talking about this topic last night and Erica had said that if gay people can’t get married, then straight people shouldn’t be allowed to get a divorce. Everyone is saying that it should be legal, except for Andrea who is saying quiet. (Andrea and her husband supported Prop 8 and are against same sex marriage.) Andrea then chimes in at the end and says the question was worded differently …it’s not about not allowing equal rights; it’s about keeping marriage sacred. Jeffrey asks her if she would still support Prop 8 if her child was gay. Andrea says yes I would still support it. Jeffrey then calls Andrea a hypocrite and an idiot. The conversation then gets really heated and angry. Andrea starts crying. Jeffrey tells her that he never wants to talk to her about it again. The cast continues to argue and fight, Ashley starts yelling and gets really aggressive. Ashley was called out for being quiet and a coward. Gene says that mixing public and private issues isn’t right, it’s not fair for a human being to develop a relationship with someone and have the government tell them they won’t recognize it. Ashley then calls out Mike and Kevin for being quiet saying they must be cowards. Mike says that he is with Jeffrey a 1000%. Kevin says make love not war. Jeffrey apologizes for his idiot comment, but nothing else.


The Oracle then tells them that the viewers are now voting on their next topic:

  • Lunar Tourism
  • Adidas “Shackle” Sneakers

The viewer’s voted for the cast talk about Adidas cancels release of new sneakers that had shackles attaching the shoe to a person’s ankles after receiving racist publicity. Gene says it’s not offensive and that people find issues when there aren’t any. Robyn says that if they have any extras, send them to me I know what to do with them.
The players then talk about the best pickup lines they have heard, the craziest thing they have ever done and Justin Bieber. After a few of them comment, Jeffrey says that he is glad we are getting down to the real questions that matter. Stephanie says what I want to know is if Andrea and Jeffrey see eye to eye on this issue of Bieber fever.

At the ending of the live stream the cast begins to leave the living room. Kevin gets up and gives Andrea a small hug. Andrea then talks to Joy about how that was a loaded question and didn’t like the way it was worded. Joy says she was proud of the way she handled it and for sticking up for what she believes in. The live feed then switches to Jeffrey and the other in the kitchen talking about the live feed conversation. Andrea joins then and Jeffrey apologizes again and they hug. He says that he is sorry for personally attacking her.

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